There is this golden oldie by The Band with the name: Up on Cripple Creek. You can listen to the video from Youtube if you want. (It is at the bottom of the post.)

Now seriously, I have no idea what most of the song is about, but it is a celebration of Bessie, the drunkard’s dream who stands up for her man. Faithful, wonderful, she wins at the horse races and likes to hear Spike Jones talk.

This probably speaks more about the strange way my mind works, but whenever I think of how wonderful my wife, Sarah, is, this song comes to mind. (Seriously, that sentence is terrible: “whenever I think of how wonderful my wife, Sarah, is…” who writes like that? What is the right way to say that? “Whenever I think, ‘how is Sarah my wonderful wife?'” Or how about, “Whenever I wonder, ‘How isĀ  my wife, Sarah, thinkable?'” Let’s try, “How wife whenever my think wonderful is Sarah.” Forget it – I am lost.)

Anyway, back to the song, although I sometimes write like one, I am not a drunkard, but Sarah is certainly a dream. One of the ways that Sarah proves that she is a wonderful dream is the stuff she does. So let’s peruse some pictures of Sarah with her hand in some recent projects.

Sarah has her own home office, and when she gets it in her head that the paint is a couple of weeks old, the whole house gets covered in plastic and new colors appear everywhere. For me, this is a time to get the paint up as quickly as possible so that the really big sections of wall look good. Sarah is fastidious and meticulous so she uses that cool blue tape that makes the lines so perfect. The funny thing is that I have seen her cut in with a brush prefectly. There must be perfect and then there is perfect.

And then there is the kitchen. (pictures later.) So Sarah wants to paint the kitchen and picks out paint. Of course, the wallpaper needs to come down first. And then she decides to scrape the paint from the cabinet which means that the cabinet doors need to come off, and the cabinets need to be sanded down, and stained, and the doors need to be refinished, new handles, new hardware. Projects are like a gas; they fill all of the available space.


In our house there are never enough shelves. So we built shelves in the basement up in the floor joists. To do this, we needed to use a router to make the grooves for the shelves. Sarah uses a router!

Sarah is the prefect Tim, the Tool Man, Taylor wife. Nothing like a wife who uses a Mitre saw!


The only scary thing is that she always wanted to look away from the tool she was using to smile at the camera. That is ok with at hammer sometimes, but a router?!?!?!?

That is the price of being all smiley and pretty.


Speaking of hammers, here she is, Mrs. Incredible!


Here is the link for Up On Cripple Creek.






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